Randy A. v. Comenity Bank

In or around March 2016, Comenity Bank began placing collection calls to Plaintiff on his home telephone number. Comenity is attempting to collect on an alleged debt originating with Plaintiff’s mother, Julia A. Defendant is attempting to collect on an alleged debt from a Pier 1 Imports Credit Card. In or around March 2016, Defendant placed a collection call to Plaintiff’s home telephone number and spoke with Plaintiff. During this aforementioned conversation, Plaintiff requested that Defendant cease all collection calls to his home telephone number. On several occasions, Plaintiff has spoken with Defendant and told Defendant to stop calling him. Comenity Bank violated §1788.11(d) of the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by placing telephone calls to Plaintiff repeatedly and continuously to annoy Plaintiff after Plaintiff requested the calls to stop. We helped stop the calls and resolve our client's allegations against Comenity Bank. Related Articles

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