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3 Dead, 5 Hurt in Traffic Accident in Aurora

A fatal head-on collision on Sunday night left three people dead and five injured, according to police. The accident happened just before midnight at Broadway Avenue just south of Hazel Avenue, according to Aurora Police. One vehicle had 7 occupants, while the other vehicle had only the driver. All occupants suffered serious injuries and two were killed at the scene, while a third died at the hospital.

The accident killed two women, 77-year-old Andrea Moyotl and her 57-year-old sister Rosa, both from Montgomery, IL, as well as the 28-year-old driver of the on-coming vehicle. The two women and family were returning from a party when their minivan collided with another vehicle.

Sgt. Kevin Convey of the Aurora Police said, “It appears it was a head on collision in which the occupant, the 28-year-old male, crossed into an oncoming lane of traffic and collided with the van.” Erik Noceloti lost his great aunt and great grandmother in the accident, and it was his 17-year-old step-sister driving the mini van. According to Erik, his sister told him it appeared the other driver was swerving and speeding and she closed her eyes just before impact.

The damage to the vehicle was so extreme, survivors had to be extricated by emergency responders. In the backseat was three brothers ages 7 to 12 and their father. One is at a hospital in Maywood, the other at Rush-Copley and one is recovering at home.

The accident is still under investigation and police aren’t yet sure if alcohol or drugs played a role. The name of the 28-year-old driver has not been released.

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