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  1. In April 2014, Sallie Mae spun off its loan servicing division and created Navient, a publicly traded corporation.
  2. Navient manages almost $300 billion in student loans for over 12 million consumers.
  3. Navient is the largest servicer of federal student loans.
  4. In May 2015, the Justice Department made the following announcement: “nearly 78,000 service members to begin receiving $60 million under department of justice settlement with Navient for overcharging on student loans.”
  5. In August 2015, federal regulators announced the Consumer Financial Credit Bureau may sue Navient for allegedly cheating borrowers.

Don’t become another one of Navient’s victims.  You have rights under the law.  Whether you owe the debt or not, we can help you stop the calls.  We have settled thousands of debt collection harassment cases, and we would like to help you, too.  Whether you are a borrower, a co-signor, or even a non-debtor, we can help you.For example, under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), if Navient is blowing up your cell phone without your permission, you may be entitled to money damages of $500 per call.  Some of my TCPA clients have put over $10,000.00 in their pockets without ever going to court.  Plus, we do not get paid attorney’s fees unless we win your case.  Our no-fee promise is that simple.My firm has an A+ rating on the BBB, has sixty 5-star ratings on Google, and has over two hundred outstanding client reviews on our website.  We’re for you 24/7.  Contact us today to stop Navient once and for all.

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Christine Dowdell
8 years ago
I'd like for someone to call me please to go over my loan. Thanks
Ms. Toni Walker
7 years ago
These people call me on weekends, the first thing in the morning, and last thing at night.

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