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Accident Involving Show Bus Hurts 5

Five people were sent to the hospital with minor injuries after a distracted teenage driver struck a rural public transportation Show Bus with 10 people aboard, before hitting a pickup truck. The accident occurred Thursday afternoon just north of Milford.

The 16-year-old was driving northbound on Illinois Route 1 when he crossed the center lane at about 3:30 pm close to 1200 N Road, hitting the bus. According to Illinois State Police, the teen lost control of his car and hit a pickup truck.

The bus driver, 79-year-old Dale Verkler, and 43-year-old passenger Laura Redburn were transported to Iroquois Memorial Hospital in Watseka. Michelle Pickett, 41, was taken to Hoopeston Regional Health Center. The driver of the pickup, Erich Hannah, 48, and the teenager was taken to Iroquois Memorial. The teenage driver was charged with improper lane usage.

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