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Accidents at Hotels and Resorts

While most hotels are well-maintained and free of serious risks and hazards, thousands of injuries do occur in hotels across the country each year. These establishments have a duty of care to their guests which includes keeping the premises “reasonably safe;” when they fail to do so and someone suffers an injury due to the hotel’s negligence, it may be held responsible for the accident under the principles of premises liability.

Here are some common examples of accidents and injuries which may occur in hotels and resorts:

– Slip-and-falls – Slip-and-fall accidents can happen almost anywhere, and hotels are no exception. However, the hotel may be legally responsible if failure to adequately maintain the premises resulted in the accident. This type of negligence can include wet/slippery floors, worn or rugged stairs, unsecured electrical cords, and inadequate lighting.

– Swimming pool accidents – Hotels must adhere to all state and federal regulations for public pool safety and inspect the pool area for hazards on a regular basis. Pools must also have locked doors or gates, warning signs, depth markers, drain covers, and other requirements.

– Food poisoning – Bars and restaurants contribute significantly to the appeal of hotels and resorts, and wherever food is prepared and served, there is a risk, however minor, of food poisoning and food-related illnesses caused by improperly stored/prepared or spoiled food. While some legal food poisoning claims are difficult to prove, many victims do earn compensation for medical expenses and other losses associated with these illnesses.

– Elevator/escalator accidents – Although fatal accidents involving elevators and escalators are rare, these machines do cause devastating accidents on occasion, many of which require emergency medical attention and even hospitalization. Many occur due to a defect or malfunction in the machine, and in these cases, the hotel responsible for their maintenance may be held liable for a resulting accident.

– Inadequate security – Hotels, resorts, and bars/restaurants have a legal duty to provide security to protect guests from crimes of third-parties, especially violence and theft, and inadequate security may refer to entrances and exits, cameras/surveillance, and on-duty guards.

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