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After An Accident Keep A Diary

Michael Agruss

Written and Reviewed by Michael Agruss

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After a serious accident, particularly an accident caused by negligence, an important task for the victim is to keep a personal injury diary, recording the facts of their changed life. An injury diary becomes evidence in a trial or arbitration session; detailed notes hold weight in both.

Daily or weekly notes, documenting the nature and extent of an injury, should continue until the symptoms subside—this can be weeks, months, or even years. If you’re keeping a diary after an injury, record how things have changed for you: is it harder to bathe, or drive a car? Has the injury affected your marriage? This is called loss of consortium, and is a real concern after serious accidents. If your personality has been altered, or the amount of things you can accomplish in a day has drastically changed, note this too. Compare how many activities you can do now versus before the accident, and how hard it is to do them.

Make sure to describe your physical symptoms. Write down the pain you experienced at the time of the injury, and whenever it comes back. Describe the sensation—throbbing pain, shooting pain, stabbing pain, dull continual pain, etc. Note whether your sleep has been affected, and how it feels to go through hospital treatments. When documenting how you’re faring, check yourself like doctors do: start at your head and go down your body, moving your head, neck, arms, shoulders, everywhere else. Explain any problems with each of these parts. List your pain medications, and any medication you’re taking for anxiety, insomnia, or depression.

In your injury diary, also list witnesses– friends, neighbors, coworkers—and their contact information. These are people who knew you before the incident, and can explain how your injuries have changed you. Their testimonies are important; besides fleshing out your story, they illustrate how an injury affects people around the victim. Finally, document your loss of wages and potential income, with copies of W-2 forms, income tax returns for at least the last five years, wage rates, and records from your employer of missed days and lost wages. Also explain the services you can’t provide anymore, like jobs around the house and caring for children.

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