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Asbestos Lawsuit

An asbestos-exposure case is going to trial West Virginia; 67 companies are named in a lawsuit just filed by a Charleston area couple. Camden David Hudkins, of Sutton, WV, was diagnosed with mesothelioma, and is suing his former employers and their suppliers for criminal negliance.

Mr. Hudkins worked as an auto mechanic from Cantrell Motors Ford in Weirton, WV; he also worked in residential construction for Yeonas Development Company in Fairfax. Another job where he was possibly exposed to asbestos was laboring in the Weirton Steel Mill, and also at Hudkins’ Timber in Sutton, where he was a maintenance worker and mechanic. Mr. Hudkins and his wife filed suit on November 14 in Kanawha Circuit Court, and the case was assigned to a visiting judge.

The lawsuit contends Mr. Hudkins’ mesothelioma diagnosis is a result of asbestos exposure at his various job sites; he inhaled the friable fibers in dust and particulate from the defendants’ products. The defendants were negligent in failing to tell Mr. Hudkins about the dangers of asbestos, despite knowing this exposure would cause him harm and injury. The suit also charges the 67 companies with failing to exercise reasonable care, when they did not warn Mr. Hudkins of the dangers inherent in their products. He was not informed of what constituted safe and sufficient apparel around asbestos; neither was he told about or given proper protective equipment and appliances when using or being exposed to asbestos-laden products.

The defendants’ criminal negligence has brought on a slew of problems for Mr. Hudkins, for which he is currently seeking compensation for damages to cover his medical treatment, drugs and other unknown remedial medical measures; severe pain of body and mind; embarrassment and inconvenience; loss of earning capacity; loss of enjoyment of life; and shortening of his life expectancy. The couple, Camden David Hudkins and his wife, Loretta Sharon Hudkins, are asking for a jury trial to resolve all points of the case. The Hudkins are represented by David P. Chervenick, Bruce E. Mattock, Leif J. Ocheltree and Scott S. Segal.

And, if you care to read the full list of Plaintiffs in this lawsuit, here they are: A.O. Smith Corporation; Agco Corporation; Ajax Magnethermic Corp.; Allied Glove Corp.; American Optical Corporation; Aurora Pump Co.; Beazer East, Inc.; Borg-Warner Morse Tec, Inc.; Cameron International Corporation; CBS Corporation; Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.; Copes Vulcan, Inc.; Crown Cork & Seal Company, Inc.; Dana Companies, LLC; Deere & Company; Dravo Corp.; Eichleay Corp.; F.B. Wright Co.; Fairmont Supply Company; Federal-Mogul Asbestos Personal Injury Trust; FMC Corporation; Ford Motor Company; Foseco, Inc.; the Gage Company; Gardner Denver, Inc.; General Refractories Company; Georgia-Pacific, LLC; Goulds Pumps, Inc.; Grinnell, LLC; Hinchliffe & Keener, Inc.; Honeywell International, Inc.; IMO Industries, Inc.; Industrial Holdings Corporation; Ingersoll Rand Company; Insul Company, Inc.; ITT Corporation; I.U. North America, Inc.; M.S. Jacobs & Associates, Inc.; Mallinckrodt, LLC; McCarls, Inc.; McJunkin Redman Corp.; Metropolitan Life Insurance Company; Mine Safety Appliances Company; Minnotte Contracting Corp.; Navistar, Inc.; Oglebay Norton Company; Pfizer, Inc.; Power Piping Co.; Premier Refractories, Inc.; Reading Crane; Riley Power, Inc.; RT Vanderbilt Company, Inc.; Rust Engineering & Construction, Inc.; Safety First Industries, Inc.; the Sager Corp.; Spirax Sarco, Inc.; Sterling Fluid Systems (USA), LLC; Taco, Inc.; Tasco Insulation, Inc.; Trane US, Inc.; Union Carbide Corporation; Vimasco Corporation; Warren Pumps, LLC; Washington Group International; the William Powell Company; Yarway Corporation; and Zurn Industries, LLC.

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