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Awareness of Motorcyclists

Michael Agruss

Written and Reviewed by Michael Agruss

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Have you ever dealt with a reckless motorcyclist on the road? Although they are expected to maintain the same care and caution as drivers of cars, their speed, low visibility, and sometimes distractive or unexpected maneuvers can cause problems for other drivers who are either inexperience or unprepared when it comes to sharing the road with motorcyclists. To avoid perilous situations and minimize all risks, all drivers should be aware of what motorcyclists are capable of doing and how it affects the vehicles around them.

The greatest hazard for motorcyclists is a combination of speed and lack of visibility to those driving cars, who may have trouble spotting motorcyclists in their blind spots as they turn or switch lanes. Motorcyclists must acknowledge that they aren’t always easily seen and accept the responsibility of making their presence known, especially on multi-lane roads and when factors such as darkness and road/traffic conditions further decrease visibility.

Obeying the speed limit is, of course, another ubiquitous responsibility of everyone on the road, though some motorcyclists have an unruly tendency to speed, and this is particularly common among owners of various types of “sports bikes” which are designed to achieve and maintain triple-digit speeds. Even on an open road or multi-lane highway, drivers of cars can certainly be thrown off-guard by a motorcyclist flying by at such a pace; in high-traffic areas, this speeding can have even deadlier consequences.

Similarly, those driving cars should be aware of “lane-splitting.” This refers to a motorcyclist attempting to pass vehicles moving in the same direction by maneuvering in-between lanes. There are many risks here, including distracting other drivers and/or catching them off-guard, being caught in a blind spot, side-swiping, and coming into contact with a vehicle switching lanes. Although some motorcyclists argue that lane-splitting actually increases their visibility and helps them endure heavy traffic, it is indeed a dangerous practice which commonly leads to accidents involving both cars and motorcycles.

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