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Brain Damage Not Always Seen By Tests

When an accident or incident happens that results in the person taking a hard knock to the head or even suffering abrasions on the skull, brain injury is the critical issue that medical professionals are looking for. Most people have the idea that when an MRI or Pet Scan is completed, that if there are no signs of brain damage, then the brain must be intact. However, this is not always the case.

Studies have shown that these diagnostic tests are not sensitive enough to see all brain damage that may be present. Even those who test negative for brain damage can still have signs of brain damage being present. The author of the treatise Neuropsychiatry of Traumatic Brain Injury simply states that despite the brain looking normal of these tests, there are still signs of impairment in the brain.

The author of the textbook, “Medical Rehabilitation of Traumatic Brain Injury” says that many physicians cannot treat a TBI correctly, as they assume that when the brain scans show normal results there is no problem. The author sums this up great by saying, “…absence of proof is not proof of absence.”

As an attorney, our offices have seen several cases in which physicians who still believe these tests are correct no matter what. This theory has been proven wrong for years now, yet there are still doctors who believe it to be true.

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