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Brain-Stem Injuries

The brain-stem is located at the brain’s base and connects it to the spinal cord. It controls vital functions, such as breathing, digestion, and heartbeat, as well as “voluntary” functions such as facial movement and motor control. It’s easy to see why injuries to the brain-stem can be devastating and even life-threatening.

To maintain vital functions, three parts of the brain-stem work together: the medulla oblongata, the midbrain, and the pons. Injuries to any or all of these areas can disrupt breathing and/or heartbeat and lead to death; swelling can compress the brain-stem and lead to hemorrhaging or stroke, which can then cause sleep apnea or difficulties in breathing, speaking, or swallowing. Severe cases can result in loss of consciousness, coma, or even paralysis.

Traffic accidents involving either cars or motorcycles are among the leading causes of brain-stem injuries, and studies have shown that seatbelts in cars and helmets on motorcycles help protect against these injuries, which are often caused by twisting or frontward or backward hyper-flexion of the neck. They can also be caused by falling accidents, such as from trees, ladders, windows, and rooftops.

As the brain-stem exists deep within the lower brain, it borders on inaccessible and very few options exist to treat it. Individuals who survive brain-stem injuries may face an array of physical, psychological, and financial challenges, some of which may be long-lasting or even permanent depending on the injury. Some lose the ability to work, while others struggle with lengthy rehabilitation just to recover the mobility and independence they once had. If you’ve suffered a brain-stem injury in an accident which was not your fault, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation for your losses. Experienced personal injury attorneys are well aware of their devastating effects and prepared to fight for every dime of compensation you deserve for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.

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