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Burn Injuries and Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injuries that are the results of burns, often result in severe pain, permanent disfigurement and emotional issues. Many wonder how a burn can be caused in a personal injury accident.

There are several ways. For example:

– A person can get burned in a car accident, due to fire that may break out with the fuel igniting this, or even through being burned by the air bag
– Plastic surgery can result in medical malpractice in which lasers and other types of instruments can severe burns on the skin
– Negligence involving not disposing of chemicals right, having combustible products near a person and other agents that can easily cause a fire
– A product liability can occur that results in a fire that hurts many people around the area

These are just a few examples, and there are many more. The one common trait of all of these is that the fire can cause significant burns that can great jeopardize the life of the person, and cause severe and permanent damage.

Classification of Burns

Burns are classified into three categories, termed degrees. First degree burns are the least serious of the burns, in which the outer skin is the only damaged skin. The signs of these burns are swelling, redness and they can be painful. Most professionals recommend treating a first degree burn as a minor burn, unless the burn covers a substantial amount of the body.

Second degree burns are when the outer layer of the skin, and the second layer of the skin are burned. These are more serious and often result in blisters, bright reddening of the skin, swelling and severe pain. For burns that are larger than 3 inches in size, most professionals recommend the person receive medical treatment. It is important that a person with this degree of burns not use ice, cold water or break the blisters as this can cause more damage.

Third degree burns are very serious and result in permeant damage to the tissues, as it damages all the layers of skin. The burn can be charred, look white or even translucent. In more severe cases, bones, fat and muscle can be burned as well. These types of burns require medical attention immediately.

The American Burn Association has these types of burns categorized as those in which a person should see a medical professional or specialist:

– Burns that cover more than 10% of the body
– Burns that are classified as third degree burns
– Burns that are the result of chemicals
– Burns resulting from electricity
– Inhalation burns
– Those who have preexisting medical conditions who get burned
– Young children or elderly who receive burns

The American Burn Association also has statistics for 2013 that show just how burn injuries are existing among Americans. These statistics are:

– 450,000 burns required medical attention
– Burns accounted for 3,400 deaths
– Residential fires resulted in 2550 deaths
– Vehicle crash fires resulted in 300 deaths
– 550 of these deaths were from other various sources
– 40,000 hospitalizations occurred due to burn injuries, which includes the 30,000 people who were at burn centers

When looking at personal injury, it is easy to see how burns can lead to lasting personal damage, especially if these are second or third degree burns. Treating these burns can lead to high amounts of medical bills and time, since many times these burns require plastic surgery. Burns are not always seen right away. For example, those who receive plastic surgery may not have a sign of these burns for a long period of time.

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