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Car Crashes into Townhome in Hainesville, Destroys 2 Homes

Two townhomes in a Lake County subdivision on the 400 bloc of Patriot Drive in Hainesville are now uninhabitable after a fire sparked by an out-of-control car that crashed into the building on Friday morning. One of the townhomes was completely destroyed and collapsed during the fire.

Police initially called a code black, indicating a fatality in the accident, but this was removed later. The driver of the car ran from police but was later found in a nearby pond. He was called a “person of interest” by police and transported to the hospital with hypothermia.

The people in the homes escaped without injury, and it’s believed the fire began when the vehicle sheered off the top of the gas main, setting off the explosion that engulfed the townhome in flames. The vehicle that crashed into the townhome building was not stolen, according to police, but it was registered to a woman who lives in Wisconsin. No charges have yet been filed.

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