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Chicago Airport Personal Injury Case Settled

A recent personal injury case has been settled in Chicago, over a traumatic event that happened at Chicago’s Midway International Airport. A seven year old boy, Anthony Rosalia, was riding on an escalator with his family when his right foot became trapped between the escalator stairs and the side skirt. The boy was trapped and in excruciating pain for thirty minutes as firefighters worked to release him with a crowbar. Anthony endured severe injuries; his first two toes were nearly amputated, and he required two surgeries, where doctors partially amputated the toes. As he grows, he may need more surgery to address bone growth problems; the child’s past medical expenses were more than $60,000, and future medical expenses estimated at $15,000.

Anthony’s twin brother witnessed the whole event, suffering serious emotional distress. The boys’ parents sued the City of Chicago, which owns the airport; Skyline Management Group, an airport management company; and Parkway Elevators, the subcontractor responsible for repairing, maintaining, and servicing the escalators. The parents claimed that the defendants did not maintain the escalator in safe working order. The Rosalias also argued that the city failed to make sure the escalator was equipped with a skirt deflector brush (a safety device designed to prevent side entrapment incidents ). The parents were able to prove that using skirt deflector brushes was common industry practice since 2000, and also that escalators at Chicago’s other airport, O’Hare International, were equipped with these safety precautions. Other evidence showed that in the year before the incident, Parkway Elevators had advised the city that it needed to install skirt deflector brushes on the Midway escalators.

If the case had gone to trial, the plaintiffs were also prepared to show the defendants did not comply with Chicago’s code provisions requiring the exposed surfaces on escalators to be constantly lubricated (to stop friction from entrapping riders—a post-incident investigation showed the escalator’s surfaces were not lubricated. A $600,000 settlement agreement was reached after mediation, which includes the purchase of annuities to support the boys’ education and any future medical issues. The litigation around which defendants will pay the settlement is still in process.

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