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Chicago Police Officer and 2 Others Hit by Car

A Chicago police officer and two other people were struck by a car during a traffic stop in Englewood on Wednesday morning. The officer, who has been with the department for three years, was transported to Advocate Christ Medical Center. According to police, he was alert and joking and released at 4 am after receiving treatment for scrapes and bruises.

The officer and his partner stopped a car on South Halsted Street just before 12:45 am. Another vehicle sideswiped their patrol car, hit the officer and two people who stepped out of the vehicle, pinning one of them. The other officer was not hurt.

Both occupants of the stopped car were taken to the hospital. The driver who caused the accident was taken to the hospital for observation and suspected of driving while intoxicated. A tow truck hauled away the patrol car, and the accident is under investigation.

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