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Choose your vehicle carefully

Unbeknownst to some, the type of vehicle you have may affect the cost of your auto insurance. Some cars will rack up higher premiums than others. Generally, newer and more high-tech cars will be more costly than beater cars.

Newer models may need more expensive parts and repairs and are deemed by insurers as at risk for theft. However, an older model, provided it’s well-maintained and parts are not in scarcity, will incur a lesser premium. Be reminded, however, that the type of vehicle you have will only be one of the many factors that may affect your premium.

The best way to know about the cost of your auto insurance premium is to ask insurance companies for a quote. Make sure you ask for more than one and get in detail with the coverage before buying a policy. Know your requirements before buying a policy so you won’t come short in case of a fender bender or serious traffic accident.
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