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The Debate on Bicycle Helmets

Is it important or even necessary for a person to wear a helmet while they are biking? This is a common question, and the answer really depends on who you are asking. Legally, the state of Illinois does not have a state wide mandated bike helmet wearing policy. However, there are many hoping to change this soon. But for now, whether or not you legally have to wear a helmet while biking, depends upon where you live, as many city and counties have their own specific law requirements for wearing helmets while on a bicycle.

So why should you wear a helmet? The truth is that when it comes to preventing head injuries resulting from accidents on bicycles, a helmet is the best way to do this. There were 616 deaths from bicycle accidents in 2010, and 429 of these people were not wearing a helmet. In addition, it has been estimated that 85% of head injuries suffered while on a bicycle could be prevented with wearing a helmet.

There are almost 2 million traumatic brain injuries that happen each year, which is why people question whether a bike helmet is going to prevent a concussion or not. The answer is no, these helmets do not prevent a concussion. New studies have brought about the concerns of helmets not protecting from a concussion, and the current helmets we use for riding a bike are not designed for this. Perhaps with mores studies and research, we will develop a helmet that can protect from this and much more in the future.

Bike helmets do not protect you against everything, but they can help with preventing injuries. However, this is no excuse to ride a bicycle as though you are completely safe with a helmet on. In almost 75% of bicycle accidents, the degree of accident could have been decreased if only a bike helmet had been worn. This is why wearing a bike helmet is in your best interest.

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