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Distracted Driving Reaches Dangerous Heights

Distracted driving has reached epidemic levels in the United States. The Centers of Disease Control reports that distracted driving results in more than fifteen fatalities and over 1,200 injuries daily. Any activity which takes the eyes, mind, or hands away from the task of driving safely is considered a distraction. Read on for some of the most dangerous kinds, which should be avoided at all costs.

Probably the most dangerous distraction while driving is texting; you’re 23 times more likely to be in a car accident if you’re texting while driving, according to research from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. It takes your hands, mind, and eyes off the road. Cell phones are not much better; talking on a phone reduces driver reaction to the same level as having a blood alcohol content of .08, and hands-free devices are no better.

Eating and drinking don’t seem like risky activities, but spilled coffees and dropped sandwiches have resulted in a lot of car accidents—pull over at a rest stop to eat, or chew gum to stave off hunger. Putting on makeup and personal grooming are bad ideas while driving, and both genders are guilty of it. These actions take the hands and attention off the road. As does fiddling around with gadgets in the car—iPod, radio, GPS system, DVD player; best to resist the temptation.

Passengers can distract drivers, especially children and pets. If you’re riding with your dog, use a pet seat belt to keep them restrained; cats should be in carriers. AAA reports that small children are four times as distracting as adults, and infants are eight times more distracting.

Finally (and these are all big issues), drive well rested and attentive. Drowsy driving causes 100,000 motor vehicle crashes annually, resulting in 40,000 injuries and 1,550 deaths (these numbers come from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Inattentive driving—watching billboards on the roadside, and just generally spacing out at the wheel—is possibly even more dangerous than drowsy driving, making up 62 percent of distracted driving fatal accidents.

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