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Driver Cited in Armored Truck Accident Last Week Had a Suspended License

According to police, the Chicago Heights man who was driving the armored truck that hit a car last week was driving on a suspended license. Jessie Cummings, 23, was arrested for driving with a suspended license, improper left turn and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

Will County Sheriff’s responded to the scene at 159th Street at 9:42 am on October 2. A 25-year-old man from Montgomery had been driving a Ford Mustang on the median to reach a turning lane when the passenger side was struck by a 1995 International Armored Truck.

According to Cummings, he had been driving out of a gas station in the truck when the driver of another vehicle stopped at a light signalling for him to go ahead. Cummings and the driver of the Mustang told police they could not see each other because of the truck between them. No one was injured.

A Dunbar supervisor arrived on the scene to take possession of the gun Cummings had been carrying from deputies. Cummings was later released on bail.

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