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Driving Safe During Summer Months

Driving in warmer months offers different challenges than driving in the winter. While winter driving can be tricky due to inclement weather and road conditions, spring and summer driving means more vehicles on the road, and more chances for collisions. To stay safe on the road this summer, remember some basic driving tips.

First off, cut down on distractions. Distracted driving claims more than nine lives a day in the United States, and injures more than a thousand. Resist the temptation to talk on your cell phone or text; making plans can wait until you’re parked. Glare from the summer sun is another kind of distraction—sunglasses or a hat with a brim maintains clear vision. It bears repeating (though this message should be deeply embedded in every driver): don’t drink and drive. Besides possibly killing or injuring other people, you could face DUI charges and big expenses—auto insurance costs much more after a DUI conviction.

Finally, stay informed of bad weather. Summer storms bring slick rain (making the roads ripe for hydroplaning), fog, and other poor visibility conditions. Keep your windshield wiper blades ready for more use, drive slower in the rain, and keep your headlights on in a storm.

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