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Eating While Driving

Fast food chains offer a particular convenience for drivers on the go, whether they’re in a hurry to get somewhere, headed to work, or on a long trip. However, despite this convenience, distracted driving is a growing problem and there is a variety of distractions to blame. We have raised much awareness about texting-and-driving and the risk it incurs, but there is less discussion about eating-and-driving.

While it is not a common point of discussion regarding distracted driving, it is occasionally brought back into the spotlight when a noteworthy incident occurs and draws widespread attention. In February 2015, a man in Georgia was ticketed for distracted driving; specifically, he had been eating fast food while driving. Although the ticket was, in a sense, justifiable under Georgia law, Judge Eric Brewton swiftly dismissed the case, claiming “the state does not believe it has the evidence necessary to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.” Perhaps the issue should be approached with an open mind; while some may not believe that a ticket was necessary, the police officer’s concern – that a driver on the road may be too distracted and, thus, dangerous to other drivers – was legitimate, and we may assume that the ticket was written in good faith.

Sometimes, the convenience of fast food simply makes it the best option. But eating while driving is a conscious choice a driver makes, and perhaps some foods should be avoided at all costs when behind the wheel, such as foods with grease or sauce, such as hamburgers or pizza; ice cream; fragile foods, such as hard-shell tacos; and messy/runny foods. Hot foods and beverages are particularly dangerous, as their heat may be overwhelming or unexpected, and these include hot chocolate, coffee, Hot Pockets, and fresh fast food. “Two-handed” foods which require the use of a utensil, such as cereal, soup, and yogurt, should also be avoided.

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