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In Effort to Prevent Bicycle Accidents, Cars Must Now Share the Road with Chicago’s Bicyclists

Chicago has striven to become a city for bicyclists, and it was recently ranked as the fifth most bicycle-friendly city in the country by Bicycling magazine. This is, in part, due to Chicago’s plans to construct 100 miles of protected bike lanes over the next 4 years as a part of its Streets for Cycling 2020 project.

As more people are now turning to bicycles as a primary mode of transportation, bike-sharing programs have also risen in popularity, although bicyclists should exercise caution to avoid serious bicycle accidents.

According to Chicago’s bike crash report, almost 9,000 bicycle accidents that involved cyclist injury occurred in the city from 2005 to 2010. If these accidents, 32 were fatal. As the number of cyclists on the road has increased, so has the percentage of traffic accidents involving bicyclists. In 2005, only 6.7% of traffic accidents involved bicycles, but this rose to 9.8% by 2010, and this trend is expected to increase.

While bike-sharing services like Divvy are an excellent resource for people who are just turning to cycling, as well as those who want an easy and affordable way to get around Chicago, it also means that many users may be unfamiliar with rules of the road.

Before renting a bicycle, users should take time to become familiar with how to ride on the busy streets of Chicago safely, and stick to bike lanes when possible. Bicyclists are also encouraged to stop for red lights and pedestrians while using crosswalks, and be careful to maintain a straight course while cycling in bike lanes, as swerving puts riders at an increased risk of an accident.

Anyone thinking about renting a bicycle in Chicago should also be equipped with a properly fitted bicycle helmet. While many users think this is unnecessary as Divvy bikes tend to be heavy and not as fast as other bicycles, helmets can make a huge difference if an accident occurs. If helmets are not manufactured to comply with industry standards, the manufacturer may also be liable for any injury that results.

Regardless of the preparation that goes into planning a bike ride in Chicago, accidents can still happen. Car drivers also need to obey rules by not opening car doors into the path of cyclists, and drivers are expected to use caution when passing cyclists and remain at least 3 feet away from cyclists whenever possible.

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