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Families for Better Care Gives Nursing Homes in Illinois a Failing Grade

When aging loved ones have difficulty caring for themselves or need specialized care, the best option is often a nursing home to make sure they receive the treatment they need. It goes without saying that this decision requires a great deal of trust in the nursing home staff to provide adequate care without mistreating loved ones.

Unfortunately, not all nursing homes live up to our expectations. Families for Better Care recently conducted a study of nursing homes across the United States, evaluating long-term care facilities on many factors, including the number of complaints or deficiencies and staffing levels. Illinois was one of 11 states in the country to receive a failing grade for care provided by its nursing homes. The state was ranked just 42nd in the United States for nursing home care.

The report found that more than 96% of Illinois nursing homes have been cited for deficiencies, with more than 25% cited for severe deficiencies. Residents in the state’s nursing homes receive only 2.14 hours of direct care every day on average, with less than one hour of care per day from a certified RN. The report found that just half of Illinois nursing homes offer above-average levels of direct care and care from RN staff, which shows that staffing levels in the state just aren’t measuring up.

This information is truly alarming, as facilities without sufficient staffing levels will find it a challenge to provide quality care and ensuring the well-being of residents. The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act protects residents in nursing homes from neglect and abuse that leads to injuries, and it requires anyone aware of abuse or neglect to report it to the proper authorities.

Under this statute, abuse includes any mental or physical injury or sexual assault. Examples of common injuries that result from neglect or abuse in a nursing home include the development or progression of bed sores, infection, dehydration and fall injuries. Facilities that lack sufficient staffing levels also increase the risk that residents will elope, or leave the facility unaccompanied. In this case, residents are at risk for injury while outside the grounds.

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