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Grieving Mother Wants Answers after Tragic Chicago Hit and Run Accident

27 year old Dallas Madlock was killed on August 18th, 2013 while riding his motorcycle with friends. And as painful as that event has been for his family, the actions of the driver of the SUV that hit him has made things all the worse. Madlock was riding his bike east on U.S 30 in Matteson just after midnight. According to witnesses a black SUV made a U-turn that cut off Madlock, causing his bike to crash. Rather than stop to offer assistance to the obviously injured man the driver of the SUV fled the scene.

Almost eighteen hours later the SUV driver, a woman, did turn herself into police. It still distresses Dallas’ mother however to think that the driver, Latasha Lee, drove away, possibly, according to one eyewitness at least, briefly stopping near the dying young man before doing so. Dallas, who was a father and a husband to be, leaves behind a loving family and many friends, including his mother, Amanda Madlock, who is still struggling to comprehend the events of the night. “I forgive her because it was an accident, ” Ms. Matlock said “But to go back and see my baby laying there. And not try to console him? I need to have some type of answer as to why would you would take my baby.”

The suspect’s attorney told the press that he and his own firm have launched their own investigation and that he is confident his client will be cleared. The attorney representing the Madlock family, Sean Murray, remains skeptical however. “She waited approximately 18 hours after the collision to report the collision,” he said. “Obviously, by the time she turned herself in, the police and the authorities were unable to perform any sort of tests.”

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