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Illinois Inmate Injury Settlement

A recent settlement in Chicago has awarded $12 million in damages to an inmate at a northern Illinois prison; the man was left severely disabled by an epileptic seizure he suffered while behind bars. A federal jury decided reached a verdict on January 18th, finding that prison officials at Stateville Correctional Center in Joliet knew Ray Fox needed epilepsy medication, but failed to provide it to him.

Fox, who is now 50 years old, had a seizure in his cell in 2007 and suffered a serious head injury during the seizure. At the time of this incident, was in jail on a drug offense. Fox’s lawyers argued that Fox and other inmates had repeatedly asked prison personnel to give him his medication, over several days before the seizure. The injuries he sustained left him partially blind and unable to walk or care for himself.

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Submitted Comments

Junious Matlock
6 years ago
A relative is an inmate at Dixon Corretional in Dixion Illinois. He was moved to a location there where he knew he would get injured and he said he warned the officials several times not to because the guy said he was going to hurt him. Regardless they moved him in anyways, then he gets into the fight with that guy and gets jumped, and now had to get stitches in the eye region. He said he has everything documented and now the officials are being super accommodating to him after everything. Is there a violationof the state version of FTCA and is there a case to sue?
3 years ago
My fiance Eric is a inmate at the Will County Adult Detention Center and was bitten in the face by a spider he assumes, his face is swallowing and he can barely open his mouth to speak he said it hurt badly and it's warm to touch and sore so it must be infected and the nurse give him medicine but it's been over a week and it getting worse and they refuse to send him out to the hospital, he was told by an officer to contact a lawyer so he can get help.
3 years ago
My fiancé was injured after multiple attempts reaching out to the director about his safety and being misclassified.
3 years ago
My boyfriend was in a fight to the point he has to have surgery done on his left eye. He has a orbital fracture of his left eye. The correctional officer neglected to lock him up after a Skype visit on Thursday. In result, him andfellow inmate got into an altercation turn physical. He wants to sue. He was put in a situation because the guard on duty not expediting his job properly, it could of been worse
Michael Agruss
3 years ago
Hi Misha. I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriends injuries. I would have to discuss this further with you as federal and state prison employees are covered by immunity. However, this does not apply to privately-run prisons or jails. What type of place of incarceration is your boyfriend currently located in? Let's talk more about his situation and what he may be able to do. Please contact my office at Phone: 312-224-4695 Email: [email protected]. Thanks, Mike
Michael Agruss
3 years ago
Hi Jami. I'm sorry to hear about your fiance being injured. I would recommend speaking with an attorney about his situation; my law firm is experienced in dealing with cases such as this and we'd be happy to discuss his rights. I'll be in touch. Thanks, Mike
Michael Agruss
3 years ago
Hi Kyana. I'm sorry to hear that your boyfriend was bitten by an insect and is having trouble with his health subsequently. I will contact you to determine what options he might have. Thanks, Mike
Michael Agruss
3 years ago
Hi Junious. Your relatives case may be a violation under the FTCA, however I would need to discuss this more with you to get more details. I'll give you a call and we can determine if his rights were violated under the law and if he has a case for litigation. Thanks, Mike
3 years ago
When I was incarcerated I had a severe injury. When I told them to take me to the hospital, they denied me for 3 days. Due to that I lost one of my testicles. When I finally was able to go to the emergency room the doctor who performed surgery explained that if they had sent me earlier, it could have been saved.
Michael Agruss
3 years ago
Hello John. I'm sorry to hear that you were denied necessary medical treatment that resulted in such a devastating condition. I would like to talk with you about this situation and determine what we may be able to do to help. 312-224-4695 Give me a call at your earliest convenience. Thanks, Mike
4 months ago
My nephew is an inmate at Dixon Correctional in Dixon, Illinois. Last week he started suffering multiple seizures, we believe that on Thursday, or there about, he became unconscious. Inmates carried him to the nurse where she stated, \"he was faking it and looking for attention.\" Eventually, from what we gathered, EMS was called onsite where they started an IV and transferred him to Javon Bea Hospital, after multiple searches my brother, his father, was able to track him to Javon Bea Hospital in Rockford, IL. My brother was able to speak to a nurse who then informed him my nephew suffered a fontal lobe brain bleed. My nephew is expected to undergo testing today, 11/13/2023. We believe there was negligence on the part of the nurse and correctional center and my nephew suffered needlessly. We would like to talk to someone who could possibly let us know what legal rights we have.
3 months ago
Hello..another victim of Dixon correctional facility... My son was having symptoms of seizures and then strokes. He repeatedly reportedcti staff and the outsourced medical staff. The jail staff told him he was \" fucking faking it\" and / or stop racking..that went on for 4 days Finally after suffering a stroke while in the phone with me they \"only \" made him wait one more night. He was then taken to kSB hospital which had him med flighted into Rockford ( mercy?) Hospital..5 day stay diagnosed with brain bleed, strokes and seizures. Then sent back to jail. Had more symptoms, reported and begged for 3 more days . They took him to KSB again ..put in steroids sent back . No improvement...another 3 ir 4 days later he went again to KSb and was again sent to Rockford. This was a week ago Friday he started in hospital and Tuesday morning( would have done surgery on monday night but didn\'t have specialist available. Craniotomy...oh I forgot to mention that as he was having notable cognitive decline partial paralysis and horrible headaches the entire time ,sent out of medical back into general population causing him to fear for his life...PLEASE I need to find a way to make sure he doesn\'t become a statistic...they are very understaffed in their medical department..this same company has had multiple suits brought against them. my son may be just a number to them but hes my reason for being .... thank you...
2 weeks ago
My son, Kevan, was severely beaten by another inmate on 11/10/23 while in custody at the Kendall County Jail. There were no guards nearby and the beating continued for roughly 10-minutes. His injuries required a craniotomy. The commander of the unit denies any neglect by her officers.

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