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Illinois Pedestrian Accidents

There is more traffic on the roads today than ever before, and in well-traveled and densely-populated areas it can be even higher. Unfortunately, traffic accidents involving pedestrians occur on a daily basis, and the elderly are the most at-risk for these accidents. Over 70,000 pedestrians are involved in traffic accidents each year. In 2010 alone, 4,280 pedestrians lost their lives – averaging about one per two hours, according to the CDC – and about 19% of these were senior citizens (ages 65 and older); this percentage increased slightly to 20% in 2012. Intoxicated driving is also a major risk factor for pedestrian accidents: of all pedestrians who lost their lives in 2010, about one in three had a BAC (blood-alcohol content) above 0.08 at the time of the accident, and intoxication was a factor in about 47% of all deadly accidents.

To combat this, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is using research and education programs throughout the United States and offering tips for all pedestrians to reduce the risks of accidents. These include:

  • Carrying a flashlight at night
  • Avoiding jaywalking and only crossing streets at designated crosswalks
  • Increasing visibility by wearing bright/protective clothing
  • Always staying on sidewalks if available
  • If sidewalks are unavailable, walking against traffic rather than with it

In 2012, Illinois saw 4,930 pedestrian accidents, and a significant percentage of these occurred in the city of Chicago and surrounding areas. In fact, nearly 90% of these accidents (4,419) occurred in urban areas, while less than 5% (246) occurred in rural areas. Of all pedestrian accidents in 2012, the Illinois Department of Transportation reported:

  • 4,665 people were injured
  • 139 people were killed
  • 890 accidents involved “type-A” serious injuries
  • 126 accidents involved property damage

The IDOT also advises drivers and pedestrians alike regarding some of the riskiest areas for pedestrian accidents within Chicago’s Central Business District. These include Canal/Jackson to Washington; Columbus/Fairbanks/Water to Ontario; Jackson/Clark to Wabash; and Michigan/Chicago to Oak.

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