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Injury and Death Resulting from Pools

Most families have pools sitting in their backyard as a way for the entire family to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. However, there are accidents that occur each year involving pools that shows a person has to be careful with not only the water itself but with the products and parts that their pool utilizes. The majority of accidents that happen when pools are involved is due to defective products or parts.

A few ways in which these defective products or parts can hurt a person include:

– Entrapment: Most pools have some sort of filter device in the bottom or on the side of the pool. When these are defective, they do not have the proper coverings to prevent accidents. They can also push water out of the pool and such a high rate and with high suction that this can actually entrap a person in the water. This can lead to drowning to death, while other people may suffer broken bones, brain damage, and severe health issues that will be an issue for the rest of their lives. – Chemical Reactions: Everyone puts chemicals in their water in order to keep this free of bacteria and other issues. However, when chemicals are involved there is always a chance that this could cause injury. People could suffer chemical burns on their body, eye irritation, breathing issues, and this can cause severe infections in the body.

When an accident occurs due to improper pool equipment or from upkeep of the pool, it can be devastating, for not only the person injured or killed but to the entire family. Being proactive with pool upkeep and monitoring parts used in the pool is the only way to ensure that the chances of these accidents are decreased.

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