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Intoxicated Man Struck by Car Walking Down Illinois 16

According to police, a man from Effingham was struck by a car Saturday night while walking down the middle of Illinois 16 while intoxicated. Jerry D. Guthrie, 35, was intoxicated and texting on his phone while walking down the middle of Illinois 16 close to Loxa Road, according to the Charleston Police Department. A vehicle driven by Albert K. Ellington, 65, of Kansas was driving eastbound.

He said he could not see Guthrie until he was too close to avoid him, and Guthrie was not wearing reflective or bright clothing. Ellington stated he tried to avoid the man but struck him with the driver side mirror.Guthrie was knocked down but got back up and began looking for his phone, according to police. Guthrie was issued a citation for improper walking on a highway and transported to Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center in Mattoon due to his injuries.

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