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Know What To Do In An Accident

If you have ever been involved in an accident, you know just how devastating that this can be. Despite what people do in order to prevent auto accidents, these still occur more than what people realize. With this being said, knowing what to do when a crash happens, can allow you to keep your calm and get the situation dealt with in a timely manner.

The best way to be prepared for a crash is to ensure that you have all the items you may need if you were to be involved in a crash. This includes pen and paper, a camera, and a copy of your insurance card, which should always be kept in your car. As soon as an accident happens, be sure that you are following these steps:

1. Check for and assist injuries: For all those who are involved in the accident, see if there are injuries among this involved. If you do find that medical attention is needed, then call 9-1-1. If not, then look at your location and determine whether this is going to be a safe place or not.
2. Ensure a safe location: Most sates have a rule that states if you are involved in an accident and there are no injuries move the vehicles off of the road to the side of the road to avoid traffic. This is also the safest route that you can go. When you do this, be sure to turn on your hazard lights and steer the vehicles off the road, if they are able to be driven. If the cars are not able to be driven, then leave these where they are.
3. Call the police: You will want to call the police and have a report submitted, no matter what other people may be stating. Having a report on file is the best way to ensure that if something were to happen later, you have proof of how the accident happened and the damages.
4. Exchange information and document information: This is a vital step, you will want to get the information of those who were involved in the crash, including those who may have just witnessed the crash. You should get information like:

– Name
– Address/phone number
– Vehicle information including the make and year
– Plate numbers
– Driver’s license numbers
– Insurance policy numbers and carriers

You should also take photos of the damage that was done, as well as the entire location of where this happened.

After the crash, you are going to want to notify your insurance carrier of what happened. You can do this as soon as possible, as most insurance companies have someone there to deal with these request at all hours throughout the day. You will then want to get your vehicle repaired, as the damage could be interfering with whether your vehicle is roadworthy or not.

If you are involved in an accident that involves an unattended vehicle or property, you need to take the time to try to find the owner, so that you can take responsibility for your actions. If the owner is nowhere to be found, be sure to leave a note with your contact information and your insurance information, so that the owner can get reimbursed for the damage that you caused.

When you are a responsible driver, you know that you have to take responsibility for the accident should this be your fault. However, it is important that you not admit fault to anyone until you feel sure that this is made with a calm head. Too many times, emotions get in the way and a person admits it was their fault, when in reality it wasn’t. Many people prefer not to give a statement until the police have come and surveyed the scene or until they talk to their lawyer.

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