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Lack of Training for Motorcycle Riding


It was Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013, in San Antonio, Texas. Twenty five-year old Ruben Arizmendi had just purchased a new Kawasaki motorcycle at the Alamo Cycle-Plex dealership. Around 6:00 pm, he pulled out onto the I-10 access road on his very first ride; unfortunately, he lost control and fell from his motorcycle before sliding through multiple lanes of busy traffic and being struck by a Toyota 4Runner. He was ultimately pronounced dead due to massive head trauma.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are rather common injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents, and studies have shown their prevalence among motorcyclists who were not wearing helmets. However, helmets are not always enough in severe accidents, especially as motorcyclists are far more exposed and vulnerable than passengers of cars. Ruben Arizmendi was wearing a helmet at the time of his accident, but, unfortunately, it still could not prevent the massive head trauma which led to his passing. This loss, although tragic, is an important reminder that even the best safety gear will not guarantee that a rider will walk away injury-free from an accident, and any and all risks and dangers of the road should be treated all the same.

Despite the lethality of such accidents, a rather high percentage of them are, to an extent, avoidable. Arizmendi, who had purchased his motorcycle within one hour of his accident, had very little riding experience overall. He also lacked a motorcycle license as required by the state of Texas, but the dealership went ahead with the sale anyway, as the state would not hold it responsible for Arizmendi’s lack of training. Instead of delivering the motorcycle to his home, the dealership allowed him to simply ride away from the spot at which he purchased the bike, and his lack of experience was, arguably, the primary reason for his accident less than one hour later.

No helmet can compensate for insufficient education, training, experience, and knowledge of safety measures and how to maintain control in a dangerous situation. This training is essential, arguably more so for motorcyclists than drivers of cars, to safely operate these vehicles at all times.

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