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Laser Spine Surgeries

Although the human spinal anatomy is indeed incredible and capable of sustaining damage, spine injuries remain rather common among the more severe injuries sustained in car accidents.

The very idea of surgery can be overwhelming, especially when it concerns a body part as important as the spine. As such, when it is recommended by an orthopedic spine surgeon, accident victims may search for alternatives, even if the pain is severe and neurological symptoms arise.

The marketers of laser spine surgery practices, including the Laser Spine Institute, have easily dominated search engines for all terms pertaining to spinal pathology, and this is rather disconcerting. While confident marketing and high-tech jargon may seem convincing to some, laser spine surgery may not truly be so trustworthy.

1) The procedure’s effectiveness has not been demonstrated by clinical studies.

Both the Mayo Clinic and the National Institute of Health have expressed concerns about laser spine surgery, and a representative of the former has stated that the procedure is neither performed nor recommended by any of its surgeons. There are also concerns about a risk of permanent nerve damage resulting from the procedure.

2) The smaller the incision, the more limited the surgeon’s view.

“Minimally-invasive” procedures may sound appealing, but there are inherent risks involved that are easily avoidable; a smaller scar is certainly no fair trade for a greater risk of long-term damage.

3) The procedure is not always performed by orthopedic surgeons/neurosurgeons.

In 2011, a rather alarming article from Bloomberg shed light on the medical personnel who perform laser spine surgeries and found that many of these personnel may have a background in any field rather than one that is strictly medical, and some may have no background at all in spinal treatment. Unfortunately, this is not simply an isolated incident.

4) The procedure may be more about profit than treatment.

This is a common accusation, one which may be at least partially justified; the same 2011 Bloomberg article cited the peculiarly-high rate of these surgeries performed, as well as the Laser Spine Institute’s relatively-high rate of medical malpractice as compared to the national average.

It is imperative that you discuss your surgical options with a real, accredited orthopedic spine surgeon, and highly recommended that you beware of the hype surrounding laser spine surgeries.

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