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Maritime Law Attorney

Maritime law regulations are comprised of a complex network of state, federal, and international law, and many people are unaware that their claims are actually governed by maritime or admiralty law. In general, maritime law covers injuries sustained on a vessel in navigable water.

Vessel includes, but is not limited to, cruise ships, yachts, ferries, offshore oil rigs, riverboats, barges, and fishing boats.

Navigable water refers to waterways used for business or transportation, including oceans, harbors, rivers, and water used to travel interstate. If you or someone you love has been injured or suffered an accident during travel or work as one of the following, contact Mike Agruss Law, to discuss your potential case.

  • Snorkeler or scuba diver
  • Personal watercraft rental
  • Cruise ship passenger or crew member who has been sexually assaulted
  • Ferry passenger
  • Guest on a yacht
  • Harbor or ship worker or repairman
  • Dock worker or crew member

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

Scuba diving and snorkeling trips are popular. Both scuba diving and snorkeling have the potential to cause serious injuries, as well as death. The majority of these accidents are due to improperly maintained rental equipment, insufficient training or supervision, or poor judgment. The law places a burden on diving companies and requires that they prove they were not negligent in following procedures, policies or regulations, or that any changes to safety regulations did not contribute to the accident.

Mike Agruss Law, helps individuals and family members obtain compensation for injuries involving the following:

  • Dangerous conditions in the water
  • Inadequate training or supervision
  • Out-of-air emergencies
  • Equipment that is faulty or improperly maintained
  • Improper use of decompression tables
  • Dive operator negligence
  • Negligence of a “dive buddy”
  • Individual run over by a watercraft

Personal Watercraft Accidents

Using personal watercraft to ride in Lake Michigan, the Illinois River, and other lakes, streams ,and rivers throughout Illinois can be fun, but there is also substantial dangers. Jet ski accidents can occur for several reasons, including being thrown from the watercraft or being struck by another driver on the waterway. In some cases, the design of the watercraft itself may cause injury. Common causes of personal watercraft accidents in Illinois include:

  • Operator inattention or inexperience
  • Failure to watch for other boaters
  • Excessive speed
  • Dangerous water conditions or weather conditions
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Equipment failure or malfunction
  • Failure to follow rules of the waterway

If you have been injured in a Chicago watercraft accident as a result of operator error, design defect, or improper maintenance, you may be entitled to compensation. These cases require proving another party was negligent, which may be done in one of two ways: you may show a reasonable driver or operator would have been more careful, or that someone else is automatically negligent for violating safety law.

Assault on a Cruise Line

Unfortunately, sexual assault and rape can occur aboard a cruise ship by a crew member or another passenger. What should be a relaxing trip can quickly transform into a devastating experience. Victims of sexual assault aboard a cruise line may use the court system to hold those who failed to stop the assault accountable. Cruise lines have a legal obligation to protect passengers from attack by hired staff. Mike Agruss Law, will help you file a lawsuit against the cruise line to secure the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more.

Tour Boat, Ferry or Charter Vessel Passenger Accidents

Passengers on charter vessels and ferries are often injured from a variety of issues, such as:

  • Operator or crew negligence
  • Wet decks that cause a slip and fall accident
  • Uneven decks or objects that cause a trip and fall injury
  • Intoxicated guests or passengers that cause an injury
  • Illness from contaminated food
  • Fractures or injuries caused by inclement weather
  • Death, traumatic brain injury (TBI) or injury caused by improper boat handling
  • Disappearance or man overboard incidents

If you have suffered a serious injury while a guest or passenger on a tour boat, charter vessel or ferry, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you have been injured in in navigable water, contact Mike Agruss Law, for a free consultation.

We are a Chicago injury law firm representing individuals and families who have suffered injuries on or in the water. Mike Agruss Law, will handle your personal injury case quickly, will advise you every step of the way, and will not hesitate to go to trial for you.

Lastly, Mike Agruss Law, does not get paid attorney’s fees unless we win your case. Our no-¬fee promise is that simple. Therefore, you have nothing to risk when you hire us–just the opportunity to seek justice.

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