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Metra Train Strikes Semi-Truck Hauling Vehicles in Bartlett

A Metra Milwaukee District West Line train hit a semi-truck hauling a load of cars in Bartlett, resulting in the derailment of one train and leaving two passengers injured, according to police. The accident occurred at 3:38 pm on Monday, as the #2242 train was inbound and hit the trailer that was on the tracks at a crossing, dragging the trailer about 100 feet on the Milwaukee District/West line, according to Metra spokeswoman Meg Reile.

Several vehicles being hauled by the trailer landed on the tracks, which blocked inbound and outbound service to the west of Elgin. The truck was hauling four cars, according to Bartlett Police Cmdr. Mike McGuigan, and these cars hit at least three other vehicles parked in the Metra parking lot.

Two adults on the train sustained minor injuries, and there were 20 people on the train when the accident happened. The truck driver was unharmed. Metra police are still investigating the accident.

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