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Most Nursing Homes Unable To Meet Alzheimer Needs

The United States is aging, as a nation. Coming decades will see greater numbers of retired Americans than ever before, and this offers a range of challenges for governments, communities, and families. Elder care is going to become a much bigger issue than it is now; already, there are shortages of care providers. Most analysts who have looked at America’s skilled nursing facilities, assisted living homes, at-home caregivers and other support services have realized we’re seriously unready to meet the rising need.

Beyond the concerns of a lack of necessary services, there are concerns about the quality of the services that are performed—and how this will deteriorate as the need grows and resources are stretched tighter. The number of people getting Alzheimer’s disease is steadily climbing. Many elders with this disease are placed in nursing homes when they can no longer live alone, and their families are unable to care for them. Unfortunately, many elders with Alzheimer’s rapidly deteriorate mentally while in a nursing home, and oftentimes they die prematurely.

People with Alzheimer’s need specialized treatment to save their memory and functioning abilities; cognitive programs, therapy, and certain medicines slow the mental deterioration. But instead of providing these, some nursing home facilities use anti-psychotic drugs to sedate the residents. Understaffed homes don’t always properly monitor residents with Alzheimer’s—this can end in falls, broken bones, and other preventable injuries.

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