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Motorcycle Accidents – Paul Williams

Michael Agruss

Written and Reviewed by Michael Agruss

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Paul “The Punisher” Williams is a former professional boxer and Welterweight Champion of the world. At six-foot-two, he was favorably tall for his weight divisions and defeated such big-name boxers as Erislandy Lara, Antonio Margarito, and Sergio Martinez in a career spanning more than a decade.

He had been preparing for his upcoming fight in September 2012, but, unfortunately, his career would be cut short earlier that year: a motorcycle accident on May 27th left him paralyzed from the waist down. While riding his motorcycle outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and travelling at about 75 M.P.H., Paul was forced to swerve to avoid hitting another vehicle and was launched about sixty feet from his motorcycle. His body folded “like a suitcase,” according to witnesses, and he suffered severe bruising on part of his spinal cord, causing waist-down paralysis. However, not all hope was lost; because his spinal cord was only bruised rather than severed, he does have potential to regain sensation and even walk again after the swelling reduces significantly.

Spinal injuries among motorcyclists are often overlooked and overshadowed by head injuries, as the latter are relatively preventable with the use of helmets. On the other hand, there is no special protection for their spines. “You could be wearing goalie equipment on those motorcycles and it’s not going to protect you,” said Dan Goossen, Williams’s boxing promoter.

A majority of accidents involving motorcyclists are indeed preventable. Those driving cars must be more careful when sharing the road, motorcyclists are obligated to take any and all necessary precautions, and, of course, we all must drive safely.

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