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Motorcycle Deaths On The Rise

Motorcycle fatalities are increasing in Illinois. In 2011, there were almost 150, up from 145 in 2011. Recent data from the Illinois Department of Transportation shows that more motorcyclists are driving drunk, and fatally crashing, in the late afternoon and evening hours—between 6 and 9 p.m., 24% of motorcycle fatalities involve a drunk rider, compared to 11% with cars.

In response, Illinois State Police and motorcycle safety advocates recently launched a campaign to remind bikers of the dangers of mixing alcohol with motorcycle riding; the campaign is called “Ride sober or get pulled over.” And safety advocates continue to warn the public to stay aware of motorcycles; Brandon Barten, who seriously injured in a motorcycle accident from 2008, Barton teaches as the local safety and education officer for ABATE, A Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education. He warns that timing is crucial: “If they (motorists) see a motorcycle coming up to an intersection, and they think they have enough time to turn, go ahead and wait the extra 3-5 seconds, because that could be the difference between having nightmares due to causing an accident or making it to work a little bit late.”

Around Illinois, bikers can find free and low-cost safety classes; the Northern Illinois University Motorcycle Safety Project offers free classes for beginner, intermediate and experienced riders. Besides taking safety classes, motorcyclists can wear bright colors to stay visible on the road, and a helmet. For more information on the Northern Illinois University Motorcycle Safety Project, riders can call 1-800-322-7619.

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