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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle safety tips come from many places—highway organizations offer some, and other bikers also have good information on riding safely. But sometimes myths get circulated and established, some of which actually comprise bike safety.

Helmets aren’t required headwear in all fifty states. And somewhere a myth got started around helmets—specifically, that wearing one will decrease your ability to see and hear hazards on the road. But statistics don’t back this up; bikers who wear helmets get into fewer crashes than bikers who don’t wear them. Helmets also come with eye protection, which make it easier to see when driving, and crucial in bad weather.

Another, older bike myth is that you should lay the motorcycle down if you can’t avoid a crash. This might have been true a few decades ago, when the handling and brakes on motorcycles (and their overall design) weren’t as well made as they are now. Newer bikes can brake and maneuver away from collisions in most cases. Laying the bike down and sliding at the hazard won’t prevent a crash, and it can lead to more serious injuries.

Lane splitting has long been thought to be dangerous and illegal; but it’s not illegal everywhere, and research that’s been conducted on the practice shows it doesn’t increase a rider’s chance of crashing. Sometimes in heavy traffic, lane splitting can decrease the possibility of an accident.

Lastly, there’s a popular myth that highway and freeway riding is dangerous, because of the high speeds involved. But as long as you ride carefully, the interstate is actually a safer environment than a rural back road or a city street. The highway offers traffic moving in only one direction, no left hand turns (which can lead bad drivers to cut off bikers), and the asphalt is usually in excellent condition.

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