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New Auto Technology Could Help Prevent Accidents

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology may soon be found on all cars and trucks on the market. Or at least this is the hope of the Obama administration, who hope to have this up and working by 2017. The idea behind V2V communication is to allow cars and trucks to wireless communicate with one another. This communication is going to contain information such as the speed, their positon and the like. It also helps the car to communicate with its surroundings. The ultimate goal is to prevent accidents on the roadways and prevent fatalities and injuries that occur each day on the roads.

U.S Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx remarked that this type of technology is the “next generation of auto safety improvements, building on the life-saving achievements we’ve already seen with safety belts and air bags.” The President is backing the new technology all the way. In fact, in a speech delivered at Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, he pointed out that V2V technology is going to:

1. Help to reduce the 2 million injuries that are seen on the roads each year
2. Save costs to society as a whole, an estimated $800 billion annually
3. Reduce the 32,000 deaths seen on roads each year, by an estimated 80%

The V2V technology has a number of automakers backing it, including Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Volkswagen. With these automakers and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, they are researching real world applications of this technology on the road to help ensure this is ready for when it becomes approved.

Though V2V technology seems to have a lot of supporters, not everyone is on board with this. It is estimated by many that this could add on $3000 to the cost of a new car. Others find that making this technology mandatory is crossing the line. There are still others that point to the existing technology such as cruise control in lanes, blind spot indicators and the like do enough to prevent road accidents.

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