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The Numbers Behind Vehicle Crashes

The idea of being involved in a motor accident is often not something that a person thinks about, until it happens to them. However, statistics are proving that the chances of a person being involved in a motor accident, whether they are simply involved due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, is considerably higher than what most people realize.

Consider these statistics:

– Those who are involved in crash injuries spend more than 1 million days in the hospital each year. – In 2012, it was estimated that motor crashes results in $33 billion lost in work – In 2012, the lifetime medical costs from a crash was $18 billion, with most of the costs, around 75%, during the first 18 months after an accident occurs. – In 2012, the Emergency Department say 2.5 Americans due to crash injuries – Each time a person visits an ER, the cost is $3,300, over a person’s lifetime this adds up to $57,000

These statistics are startling and they make people wonder how to prevent such an accident from happening to them. The only prevention is to stop these motor crashes from happening in the first place. So how can this be done? State level changes are often the best route for making our roadways safer. For example:

– Use intervention methods that will increase the use of a seat belts, booster seats and car seats – Put in stricter punishments for drinking and driving – Make police presence even more visual such as with checkpoints – Look at why crashes are happening in your area and what you can do to prevent these

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