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Pedestrian Accidents in the State of Illinois

Accidents in Illinois involving pedestrians are relatively common, more so than what people realize. Within Illinois, there are often people who are walking, riding bicycles, and basically enjoying all that Illinois has to offer, and with all these people out there, it can increase the chances of an accident occurring. When a pedestrian related accident occurs, this does not automatically mean that the pedestrian is not liable in one way or another. This is when having an Illinois accident attorney will come in handy.

When a pedestrian is hit by any vehicle, the injuries can be very severe and life threatening. Those who are struck by vehicles are often unaware that they are in danger, as they may be sightseeing or simply not paying attention. Due to this, they are blindsided, meaning that they are unable to try to get themselves out of harms way.

An Illinois personal injury attorney realizes that after an accident like this happens, the person needs care and attention to get back to their health. In addition, a lawyer will realize that there are medical bills, lost wages and other expenses the person is not riddled with that can be catastrophic to their financial health.

The following three reasons are the most common reasons for pedestrians to be hit by vehicles and injured:

1. Using a mobile device. There are many advantages to this new technology, but it has also enabled people to become more vulnerable. Many times pedestrians will be walking while they are talking and/or texting on their phones, simply not paying attention to their surroundings. When a pedestrian or a driver is paying attention to their phone rather than the road or crosswalk, it can result in devastation. 2. Jaywalking, which means walking across streets without using a cross walk or in dangerous sections of the road, does result in several pedestrian accidents. This is why most states have laws against jaywalking. The only way to avoid putting yourself in harms way with jaywalking is to use the crosswalks and also pay attention to street signals that tell you when it is okay to cross. 3. Being young often puts a person at a larger risk of being in an accident. Children are most often not aware of how close they are to danger and therefore they will run out into traffic for any reason, especially if their toys go into the road or their pet runs into the road. Parents are often hit in these types of instances as well, as they only have one thought of getting the child and are injured in the process.

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