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Preventing Dog Bites

Dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend”, and there is good reason for this. Dogs are loyal companions that take great joy in providing for their owners and their family. However, there are times that dogs can bite and this can lead to serious injury for many, as well as infections or diseases, should the dog be unhealthy.

There are times in which dog bites happen due to the dog having behavior that is unpredictable, but there are some things that a person can do to ensure that their dog does not bite someone, or is even is such a situation in which they may want to bite someone. In most cases, dogs bite for a reason, whether this is because they feel threatened, they feel that their family is threatened, or the like. There are not many occasions in which a dog bite happens for nothing.

The Dog’s Body Language

Our dogs cannot talk to us and tell us what is wrong with words, but they do use their body language in a way that can help us to determine if they are uncomfortable in a situation. The key to understanding this form of communication is to pay attention to the dog. A few signs of a dog getting to the point of upset that they would bite is:

– Growling – Stiff or tense bodies – Stare at the person that may be near them – Overall unfriendly and aggressive attitude

Where the Dog Lives

Make sure that when your dog is outside, that he or she has a housing that is appropriate. If you can put a fence around the back yard, it is a way to make them feel more comfortable, as there is no one that is going to wander into his or her area, which can result in the dog being uncomfortable. Plus, if the dog has a designated area, he or she is going to feel free to play and they will have all that they need for a great shelter.

Be Sure You Do Your Job as the Owner

You need to ensure that your dog has the social skills to be out, which means that you do all that you can do to ensure that if the dog were approached by a stranger, that they would not bite. You need to ensure that your dog has the right response to any situation that could potentially upset them.

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