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Road Rage Over the Holidays

Road rage can be a common occurrence, though no one prefers to acknowledge it as such, and unfortunately, it does not go away during the holiday season. Over 1,000 American drivers were surveyed by KRC Research and State Farm, who found that nearly 19% of drivers not only encountered [or were guilty of] road rage over the holidays, but did so at least six times! In turn, about one-third of this 19% admitted to being more susceptible to road rage themselves. Perhaps an overall rise in traffic due to traveling and the holidays’ commercial significance is to blame, but the exact reasons for such road rage at this time of year cannot be pinpointed.

In any case, there are many simple things drivers can do to make the roads safer and our commutes as convenient as possible:

– Be the polite one if the opportunity is there! Always remember to use turn signals; avoid switching lanes frequently; allow a driver to go ahead of you if it improves traffic. – Keep all emotions in control. It may be easy to become angry at a driver who cuts you off or is driving too slow, but having control over such frustration can be the difference between taking a [needless] potentially deadly risk and continuing on your way. – Be in your best state, mentally and physically. You are much more likely to drive with aggression when you are physically fatigued or emotionally-upset – keeping your mind and body in prime condition is invaluable to your awareness when driving, especially during the winter when driving conditions are below-average. When it comes to driving with aggression, men are more susceptible to women, as are youth to the elderly, so those who fall into one or both of these demographics should be extra cautious this holiday season!

Road rage may not disappear entirely, but together we can minimize all risks associated with aggressive driving, especially during what should be the happiest time of the year.

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