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Sanger Truck Driver Killed in I-39 Accident

A Sanger truck driver was killed in a fiery crash involving three semi-tractor trailers on Friday night. The accident occurred on Interstate 39 in Ogle County, according to police. Ralph Maness, 60, died around 8 pm after his truck was rear-ended by another semi truck driven by William Spearman, 41, of Chicago.

Maness’ truck caught fire and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Spearman’s truck was going slower than the minimum posted speed limit of 45 mph and he was cited for failing to maintain the minimum speed limit.

A third semi truck, driven by 36-year-old Zimbauer of Wisconsin, swerved to avoid the accident, but stopped too closely. His vehicle also caught fire. Zimbauer and Spearman were unharmed.

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