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Secondhand Asbestos Contamination

Cases of mesothelioma, a painful and aggressive cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, are diagnosed all the time. Frequently, mesothelioma patients file lawsuits against the companies who exposed them to the mineral. A recent mesothelioma lawsuit, filed in May in New Orleans, addresses the wider reach of occupational asbestos exposure.

A woman whose husband worked with friable asbestos is suing her husband’s employer. He brought the contaminants home on his work clothes, which she handled—ingesting some of the friable fibers—and, many years later, she developed mesothelioma, a cancer that can lie dormant for forty years. Her lawsuit argues the defendants knew of the hazards associated with asbestos, but failed to warn their employees of the danger to them and to their families. Neither the workers nor their loved ones knew were being exposed to such a serious toxin, or that it could cause fatal illnesses long after the exposure.

Often, asbestos lawsuits are filed against many defendants—some people had the misfortune to work for many companies who exposed them to asbestos. The dangers of the mineral have been known for a long time, and it’s been outlawed in new construction since 1979—but it was so widely used, and so cheap, that exposure is still happening, as buildings and mechanical structures deteriorate. Profits are put ahead of employee safety—safety gear and training on how to handle the material are relatively inexpensive—and workers who demo buildings built before the ban are sometimes told there’s no asbestos present. This happened recently in Fresno, CA, when three unscrupulous men lied to high school students, luring them into removing asbestos from a former air force base, without any kind of protection. The men are headed to jail.

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3 years ago
How helpful that you mention how many people could be exposed to asbestos. I just moved into an older home and want to make sure I'm safe from asbestos. I will find a good asbestos abatement service in my area.
Michael Agruss
3 years ago
Hi Ella. Congratulations on the new home and I hope that you can find someone to help you determine if you have asbestos in your home. If you need any help with secondhand asbestos contamination, give my office a call. Thanks, Mike

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