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Sexual Abuse is One of the Most Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Springfield Township Police and the Ohio Department of Health are investigating a possible sexual assault of an 80-year-old female Alzheimer’s patient at a nursing home last month. The patient was immediately sent to a hospital for evaluation after nursing home staff noticed bruises on the patient while conducting rounds. Though those involved seem certain that sexual assault of some nature occurred, the police are having difficulty ascertaining the details of this nursing home abuse due to the victim’s Alzheimer’s.

Rather surprisingly, sexual abuse is one of the most common types of abuse to occur in a nursing home. Elderly patients are vulnerable in many ways, being either physically weak or, as in this case, lacking the capacity to alert authorities. Though abuse typically occurs at the hands of a co-resident or a staff member, fault may be attributed to the nursing home itself under certain circumstances. Staff members, for example, have a variety of duties that allow them intimate contact with patients, creating opportunities for sexual abuse. It is therefore crucial that nursing homes conduct background investigations of potential employees and to properly supervise its staff. A failure to do so may be considered negligent and the nursing home may be held responsible for any resulting damage. Once discovered, state law requires certain health professionals, nursing home staff, and others to report to authorities within a specific period of time of reaching a reasonable cause to suspect or believe that an elderly person residing in a nursing home has been abused, neglected, exploited, or abandoned.

Nursing homes are typically licensed by the state and subject to regulations. When an apparent violation occurs, the department of health or other regulatory agency will often try to determine whether the facility at issue did everything possible to prevent the incident and whether it responded appropriately once discovered. If the facility is found lacking in either regard, its license may be revoked.

As the elderly population increases and the social dynamics of our society begin to favor nursing home care over in-home care, we must be evermore vigilant in protecting senior citizens from abuse. Knowing the signs of nursing home abuse and contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer if you know of or suspect abuse is critical in the fight against nursing home abuse and neglect. An attorney can prove valuable in a potential nursing home abuse case by gathering evidence, determining whether background checks were performed and protocol otherwise followed, and determine whether the facility was aware of the alleged abuse.

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