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Slip And Fall Injuries

Slipping on a slick surface or tripping over debris on someone else’s property are referred to as slip and fall accidents in the legal world. Commercial property owners have a responsibility to keep the sidewalk in front of their premises and their parking lot clear and safe to avoid accidents. This doesn’t always happen, and the injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents can be very painful and life altering (and not in a good way). More than 8 million emergency room visits are caused by falls annually in the U.S., and more than a million of these are slip and falls.

To break this number down a bit, here are some more details: 5% of people who fall suffer a fracture, and disabling occupational injuries caused by falls reach $300,000 a year (and 85% of worker’s comp claims are filed over slips on slick floors). Floors and flooring materials are responsible for over 2 million falls each year, and oftentimes, the trouble areas are hard to see, if not invisible (like a wet floor in low lighting).

Business owners who want to keep their property free of accidents have to stay vigilant inside and outside of the property. Wet floors should be immediately mopped up, barricaded, or at least marked with a warning sign; floor wax and polish has to be applied evenly and minimally; sloping floors need non-skid coverings, treatments, and/or handrails; carpets should stay in good shape, without tears, loose edges, or bulges; floors and especially stairs need to stay free of trash and obstruction; escalators and elevators need to be clean and fully functional. Outdoors, the sidewalks must be kept clear and in good condition; walkways need ample exterior lighting at night; steps and handrails should be clear and in good working order; and the parking lots have to stay safe, with no dangerously large holes or cracks and gradual grade changes. Neglecting to do any of these things ahead of a slip and fall accident can translate into legal liability, not to mention pain and debilitating injuries.

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