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Slip and Fall Accidents

There is quite a bit of rainfall within Illinois every year. Due to high amounts of rain, slip and fall accidents are relatively common. These can occur due to the wet floors in businesses, schools, entrances to building and any other location in the state. When a person suffers a slip and fall they may have knee, head, back and neck injuries that can result in a lot of pain and problems in the future. When the person is elderly, the slip and fall is usually worse.

According to the law, you do have the right to hold someone responsible for this slip and fall. Though it can become more difficult with the new laws in place.

When this does happen, you need to prove:

– The business/building owner knew about the wet floor and did nothing to prevent this fall from happening
– The floor has been wet for quite a while, showing neglect on behalf of the owner
– When the floor was wet, it was known that it would become wet, yet nothing was done to prevent this

When a slip and fall accident happens, you need to ensure that this is investigated right away. This helps to ensure that all information can be found, as well as taking statements from witness to help with the case.

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