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Study Shows 49% of Adults Text & Drive

Texting while driving is a big problem in the US—nine lives are lost every day in fatal crashes caused by texting. A recent survey conducted by AT&T found some disturbing statistics around the activity; 49% of American adult drivers admitted they text and drive, compared to 43% of teenagers. What’s most troubling is that the numbers are rising; three years ago, adults never admitted to texting and driving—now it’s becoming the new normal.

When AT&T asked people why they text while driving, people answered, “it was a habit,” “it makes me more productive,” and “I like to stay connected.” To combat lame excuses like these, AT&T has started a public service campaign, “It Can Wait.” And some states are working on stricter laws (with higher fines) to fight this kind of distracted driving.

To better study the behavior and its consequence, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute researched texting and driving on a closed loop—they found texting while driving creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted.

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