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Toy-Related Injuries Nearly Double in Last Two Decades

Although consumer products are more regulated than ever before, this does not necessarily translate to less danger in every way. According to a study from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, toy-related injuries nearly doubled (40%) between 1990 and 2011, and now result in a child being brought to the E.R. every three minutes.

National injury data spanning this twenty-year period uncovered a total of 3.2 million children under seventeen years old who were treated for toy-related injuries, and more than half were five years old or younger. Despite this forty-percent increase, some researchers believe the risks may still be greater.

“We know that’s an underestimate,” said Dr. Gary Smith, lead researcher of the hospital’s Center for Injury and Research Policy. “We know that those numbers are increasing. So it’s a call to action. We really do have a lot more work to do to provide safe toys for children.”

The risks vary greatly depending on the child’s age, as Smith noted in a talk with CNN. Small pieces of toys which pose choking hazards, for example, are most dangerous to children of three years or younger. For older children and teenagers, of course, toy-related injuries were much different: the study found that scooters, including foot-powered “kick” scooters, were responsible for over 580,000 injuries between 2000 and 2011. The broader category of “riding toys,” including scooters, tricycles, and wagons, accounted for 42% of all injuries to children ages 5 and 17, and 28% of injuries to children of five years or younger.

Medical News Today recently reported six tips from researchers to minimize the risks of toy-related injuries to children:

– Follow all age restrictions and guidelines on the labels of toys. – Always check toys and their labels for small parts which may pose choking hazards. – Always supervise children of seven years or younger when they use riding toys. – Make sure they use riding toys only on flat, dry surfaces and away from any traffic. – Make sure they wear protective gear, such as helmets and knee-pads, especially when using riding toys. – Check “” regularly for news on toys which may have been recalled.

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