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Truck Accident Lawsuit Settled For $999,000

Truck Accident Lawsuit Settled For $999,000

A recent personal injury lawsuit, filed against Gulf Coast Concrete and Shell, Inc., has been settled for $999,000. The front left tire on a Gulf Coast cement mixer blew out on a highway; the truck, driven by Charles Gordon, veered into the next lane and hit a pickup truck, which spun off into the center concrete median and rolled over. The pickup truck’s driver, Roberto Cruz Arzola, was badly injured—herniated disks, torn right medial meniscus, partially torn tendon in his right elbow. Arzola, 48, needed arthroscopic knee surgery, tendon repair to his elbow, and a third surgery for the herniated disks.

Arzola’s medical expenses thus far total $100,000. He was a carpenter making $28,000 annually before the crash; he lost $25,000 in earnings, and his injuries and restricted abilities will affect his future career ($208,000 is the estimate for his future lost earnings). And Arzola suffers from chronic pain. The pickup truck’s passenger, 25-year-old Luis Garcia, also sustained some serious injuries: bulging disks, chest bruising, and a closed-head injury. Garcia’s medical bills reached $59,000; he worked as an air conditioning subcontractor earning $26,000 a year—he also missed a lot of work, losing income.

In their lawsuit against Gulf Coast, Arzola and Garcia alleged the crash was the result of negligent maintenance and inspection, and poor operation by the driver. A proper inspection of the Gulf Coast vehicle would have discovered the unsafe condition of the left front tire. After the crash, Gulf Coast disposed of the blown tire, despite the warning of a possible insurance claim. But, on the vehicle Gulf Coast presented for inspection, it was found that the other rear tire was missing a large piece of material, and its thread was falling off the carcass. The lawsuit also claimed Gordon failed to control the truck as he should have, and that Gulf Coast hadn’t properly trained or assessed Gordon.

Gulf Coast claimed an unpreventable sudden emergency had caused the crash. The company also argued that the crash wasn’t the immediate cause of the plaintiffs’ injuries; the jury did not agree. Gulf Coast’s policy has a $1 million limit; the parties settled at $999,000. $850,000 will go to Arzola, $140,000 to Garcia, and $9,000 will repair property damage.

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