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Truck Override and Underride Accidents

Some of the worst accidents on the highways, involve override and underride accidents with trucks. The movies and television shows make it look as if driving underneath an 18 wheel truck is a great way to ensure that you get away from the cops or the like, without getting hurt. However, the reality is that this is one of the worse moves that a driver can make. Though most people do not do this on purpose, many accidents on the roadways are due to a vehicle driving underneath these trucks. Those vehicles involved in one of these types of accidents are often seriously injured or they die, since one of the most common injuries is decapitation.

Override Accidents

This is an accident in which the truck is unable to stop or slow down which means they run upon the smaller vehicle in front of them. When this happens, most tractor-trailers are pushed onto the top of the vehicle due to the massive size of the truck. Those who are in the smaller vehicle are often seriously injured or killed.

These accidents are most often caused by error of the other driver. For example:

– Pulling out in front of a tractor-trailer that is traveling at high speeds
– Cutting the truck off at high speeds and then decelerating
– Driving slowly on the highway without the proper lighting, making the vehicle hard to see by truck drivers.

There are times in which the truck driver is the cause of override accidents, despite all the precautions that the driver may be taking. A few examples of this are:

– The tires blow or the brakes fail on the trailer
– The driver is fatigued thus not paying as much attention as they should be
– Using aggressive driving techniques
– Not looking at how the weather could be affecting their driving, such as poor road conditions.

Not only are passengers of another vehicle in danger of these types of accidents, but the truck driver may also be injured due to the damage that is taken to the truck. These accidents can be prevented by simply acknowledging your surroundings and giving these 80,000-pound trucks space and time to slow down.

Underride Accidents

These types of accidents are generally when a smaller vehicle smashes into the rear end of the semi-truck. Most times, these are fatal as the smaller vehicle often has the roof ripped off and the occupants are left without any barrier between them and the truck. Due to the nature of this accident, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has regulations in place that is meant to help prevent these accidents. For example, trucks are required to have reflective tape on the rear of the truck to help this be noticed at night. In addition, rear guards are put into place to keep a smaller vehicle from riding up underneath the truck. However, even with these safety precautions in place, this has not stopped the number of underride accidents that occur each year. The problem lies in the design of the tractor-trailer trucks. When compared to Canadian trucks, American trucks have severe defects that are a safety hazard.

Most underride accidents are due to the rear guard not going all the way across the end of the truck, which makes this ineffective in stopping the vehicle from sliding under. There are several advocates who are pushing harder guidelines for how these trucks can be on the road.

There are several people every year who are severely injured or killed when these types of accidents occur each year. Drivers need to be always aware of what is around them while driving and realize that they need to take precautions with these bigger trucks on the road.

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